“I want to inspire…show there can be longevity in gymnastics” – new Jenny Hansen Interview

Yes, we’ll just admit it now. We are her biggest fans. I mean, how can you not love her? Try, we dare you!

…”My ultimate goal would be to make the Olympics but I really want to remind everyone the sport brings so many opportunities. I want to inspire people and show there can be longevity in gymnastics. It should be fun regardless if you compete internationally or just learn a back tuck again. Staying healthy is also one of my top priorities.”

“Which skill came back the quickest? Which was the hardest? … Ironically, the skills I’ve never done were easier to do- like Arabian double fronts. It sounds odd, but because I’d never done them before I didn’t have any bad habits to break and I could visualize the trick in my head. Cast handstands on bars were one of the hardest things to get back.”

Read more of Amy Van Deusen’s interview with 38 year-old gymnast, Hansen 

Hansen posts often and communicates directly with her supporters on Twitter and Facebook. Fans can support her by contributing to her training fund.


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3 thoughts on ““I want to inspire…show there can be longevity in gymnastics” – new Jenny Hansen Interview

  1. You are not alone! I am 30 and about to start training in gymnastics. My dream goal – Olympics. AGE is nothing NOTHING but a number. I have already gotten mean mail from people saying I am too old. don’t waste your time, don’t waste our time blah blah. I plan to train AS IF I am going to make it to the olympics one day! Now, finding a coach to take me on, is becoming a lot harder of a task 🙂 Lets do this !

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