Adult Gymnast Defies Doctor’s Claim that she Could Never Do Gymnastics Again

Beyond proud of my friend and fellow adult gymnast Lori Lien Vollkommer! This short film is about her gymnastics comeback and about how my Facebook Group for Adult Gymnasts “Just Like Fine Wine” has helped her find her tribe.

Lori has defied the odds by returning to gymnastics 30 years after a doctor told her she could not ever do gymnastics again. Since then she has competed internationally and even learned some new skills she had never even done as a child. 🥰 Watch here

Mohini Bhardwaj – a Pioneer of High Level Adult Gymnastics on What Makes You Think Podcast

Nicole and Olympic Team Captain, Mohini Bhardwaj, talk about the REAL STORIES BEYOND THE TELEVISION SCREEN: Finally standing up to Marta, why she was PISSED going into her Olympic Beam routine in team finals, and Pamela Anderson…and more…

This is the epitome of CANDID. Yer welcome.

Mohini occasionally gets on the bars even today and performs releases! How cool is that?!

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