Adult Gymnastics Training Tips for Bars – Home or Gym

Bars is the women’s gymnastics events that requires the most specialized strength. After all, it’s the only event where the upper body is doing that much work! Many athletes spend more time training on bars than they do any of the other events for that reason.

If you are limited on the amount of time you have access to training on bars, it might be wise to supplement your gym workouts with some home training, too. I know that I absolutely love my floor bar and use it every chance I get! You’ll also see some great gym-based drills and training tips in this article about bars training.

Part 2 of Lori Vollkommer’s gymnastics story is up on the TrainLikeAGymnast blog.

It was November 16, 1983. The conference championships were held at Copiague High School. I was warming up uneven bars. In those days, it was the “belly beats”.  Each athlete had their own setting, but for warm-ups they put the bars on the farthest and highest setting. This meant accommodating for the distance in transitioning from low bar to high bar during warm ups would require a bit extra after releasing the low bar. Read more. You’ll be able to find part 1 here if you missed it!

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