What Gymnasts With Diastasis Need to Know

Learn what gymnasts with diastasis recti need to know. 

-how to measure our own DR

-what factors limit the ability of a DR to heal

-a few other ways to test out how capable our system is of healing a DR

-what we can start doing to help a DR heal 

-how to tell which gymnastics skills and conditioning are not the best if you have a DR that is healing

-a simple trick anyone can try to facilitate a DR healing or staying closed during gymnastics skills

Here is the recording of the call: 

Here is a PDF to go with the call and contains useful links: https://www.homeexercisecoach.com/support-files/01_what_gymnasts_with_diastasis_recti_need_to_know_pdf.pdf 

Training Ideas for the Gym and at Home – Adult Gymnastics Training Tips

If you are like many adults who don’t get quite enough hours or quite enough coaching at the gym that you would like, check out our Training Tips Guide. It’s newly updated to share all the latest tips and ideas we have for you – whether you’re training at the gym or at home! Check it out.

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