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Kat’s Journey into Adult Gymnastics

8 May

I love hearing stories like Kat’s, who competes with British Gymnastics. Kat had to stop the sport due to circumstances as a child and she’s loving the experience she’s having training and competing again. Follow her blog.


50-year-old gymnast competing in first meet in 25 years

28 Feb

“It became an item on my bucket list, being in a gymnastics meet at the age of 50,” Cain said. “Who else can say they did that?”


The bigger question might be who else would want to.


Stafford Parks & Rec currently has eight students in its adult class, which started in October 2018, said Director Michael Morris. Most have been in their 20s and 30s.


50-year old gymnast will compete in first meet in 25 years.

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