Fun & Games: What do you do to keep gymnastics new and exciting?

After so many years of gymnastics, workouts can get boring. We’d love to hear what you do to keep workouts fun. Here are a couple of ideas that our group has done over the years:

  • Event Add-On – Remember the old game of add-on for trampoline? We do it on an event. We might do add-on a beam skill or dance. Add-on tumbling with leaps and jumps on floor or tumble trak. Sometimes we just do dance skills on floor.
  • Fun Drills – We pick out a cool drill, even for a skill that we never in our wildest dreams could do, and start learning the progressions for it. It’s fun and a good workout. This is a great site for finding fun drills.
  • Pick a Skill from the Code of Points – We’ll pick a skill that we think we can learn or would just be fun to try to learn and start progressions for it. Cartwheel mounts on beam aren’t so scary starting on the low beam with the beam blocked up. Learning new things is always fun, especially if you never have to confront the fear part!
  • Follow-The-Leader Conditioning – Nothing makes conditioning bearable like not knowing what comes next! Take turns leading each other on a spontaneous obstacle course through the gym. It makes for a great warm up too.
  • Plyometric Drills – can you make it without face planting? Always makes for some good blooper-reel moments in class when one of us doesn’t make it. 
What do you do?

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