The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp 2022: Eleventh Edition

We had an incredible time at this year’s Adult Gymnastics Camp. Athletes ranging from high level competitive to brand-new beginner shared a weekend training, meeting new adult gymnastics friends, and even going to the beach together. Read more about the event and see the Official Camp Video where you can go inside the camp andContinue reading “The Original Adult Gymnastics Camp 2022: Eleventh Edition”

What Gymnasts With Diastasis Need to Know

Learn what gymnasts with diastasis recti need to know.  -how to measure our own DR -what factors limit the ability of a DR to heal -a few other ways to test out how capable our system is of healing a DR -what we can start doing to help a DR heal  -how to tell whichContinue reading “What Gymnasts With Diastasis Need to Know”