Jenny Hansen Has Posted Her Routines from Classics Along with a Thank You Note to Her Supporters

Awwww, this makes me love her even more. Watch the great gymnastics (holy vault!) and then read her lovely thank you note. Jenny is in her mid-thirties and making a fantastic comeback to elite after being a stunt double on Make It Or Break It. Very much appreciating the leo choice as well. 

34 Year-Old Tsukahara Competes at Australian National Championships

International Gymnast reported that Tsukahara competed at the Australian National Championships last weekend. Apparently, he won.  That makes three years in a row that he has “unofficially” won while he awaits his Australian citizenship. Great to see a man in his thirties competing at the elite level. Here is a video of his vault from the 2010Continue reading “34 Year-Old Tsukahara Competes at Australian National Championships”