42-Year-Old Gymnast Competing Level 9

After leaving the sport due to injury as a 14-year-old elite, Tina Wise (nee Rand) found her way back at age 28 and has been doing gymnastics ever since. She is now 42 and competes for Rebounders in Maryland. There are several things that I love about this woman. She didn’t quit after two seriousContinue reading “42-Year-Old Gymnast Competing Level 9”

37-year-old Jen Hansen Says That Her Comeback Isn’t Over Yet

Hansen is a stunt woman, the greatest female gymnast in NCAA history and almost made it back to elite competition this season. In an interview with USAG last week, Hansen said that she  has decided to keep trying to qualify for elite and make it to the Olympics next year. She will be a longContinue reading “37-year-old Jen Hansen Says That Her Comeback Isn’t Over Yet”