Fun Laser Beam Competition Open to Adults

Ever wish you could compete on beam without using the high beam?? I recently became aware of this unique opportunity to compete a TumblTrak Laser Beam routine!! How cool is that?! It is a fun competition with 24 different awards available in all sorts of categories. It’s open to all ages, children thru adult. ChellsieContinue reading “Fun Laser Beam Competition Open to Adults”

Unfinished Business with Lori Vollkommer

Lori Vollkommer joins Better Late to talk about the journey that led her back to competitive gymnastics after a 30-year (involuntary) hiatus. She talks about competing as a child and teenager, the in between years, how she finally got the right diagnosis for a long-time injury, and her renewed mindset for training and competing gymnasticsContinue reading “Unfinished Business with Lori Vollkommer”