Unfinished Business with Lori Vollkommer

Lori Vollkommer joins Better Late to talk about the journey that led her back to competitive gymnastics after a 30-year (involuntary) hiatus. She talks about competing as a child and teenager, the in between years, how she finally got the right diagnosis for a long-time injury, and her renewed mindset for training and competing gymnasticsContinue reading “Unfinished Business with Lori Vollkommer”

New Adult Gymnastics Podcast Released: Better Late

I am super excited about Pam Majumdar’s new podcast “Better Late” which is ALL about adult gymnastics!! I was honored to be her first guest, available now! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/past-present-future-adult-gymnastics-gina-paulhus/id1530434316?i=1000490113869 We talk about… *what led me to go back to competing as an adult *details on the training I did to get back into competition *how thisContinue reading “New Adult Gymnastics Podcast Released: Better Late”