Chusovitina Still Going Strong at 35

She says that when she feels like working out, she does it. If she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t go. That must be why she is still able to do what she does. When the reporter asked her if she wants to keep going until the 2012 Olympics, she responds by saying that she might go until 2016, why not? 

Jen Hansen Kicking Ass at 37!

Jen Hansen is a gymnast from the University of Kentucky who won three consecutive NCAA titles back in the 90’s. She was unbeatable. She smiled and if I remember correctly, winked during beam routines. She is currently a stunt double on Make It Or Break It. International Gymnast is reporting that she is going to try to compete elite this year. Let’s hear it for Jen!

Leave a comment on her YouTube channel and send her your encouragement.

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