Making Gymnastics Better with Vanessa Atler

Former national team member and 1997 U.S. National Champion Vanessa Atler joins Better Late to talk about adult gymnastics and how adult gymnasts could navigate finding more gym/training time, her thoughts on how increasing the age minimum for elite competition could impact the sport, and her mission to make gymnastics better. Vanessa also talks aboutContinue reading “Making Gymnastics Better with Vanessa Atler”

New Adult Gymnastics Podcast Released: Better Late

I am super excited about Pam Majumdar’s new podcast “Better Late” which is ALL about adult gymnastics!! I was honored to be her first guest, available now! We talk about… *what led me to go back to competing as an adult *details on the training I did to get back into competition *how thisContinue reading “New Adult Gymnastics Podcast Released: Better Late”