Your peak can be at any point

“After months of subtly indicating that the coming Olympics could be her last, Simone Biles recently changed her tune and refrained from ruling out the possibility that she could continue in some form until the Paris Olympics in 2024. Biles, already a veteran at 24, would be 27 by then – a competition age that was once unthinkable for an Olympic all-around gold medallist.” Elite gymnasts speak on the fact that age isn’t a limiting factor like before. Read more.


Goals Interrupted: Top 10 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams and Desires Despite Annoying Challenges with Freda Dreher, MD, and one-of-a-kind gymnas‪t‬

This podcast was incredibly inspirational, funny, and valuable. Learn from the wisdom and of this amazing woman who is reinventing gymnastics in her 60s after overcoming countless obstacles to get to where she is today. She calls the challenging annoying – I call them significant 🙂

If you need to be uplifted this podcast will do it!! Freda speaks on courage, being defiant (in a productive way…I love it!) and what she thought about when laid up in a hospital bed for months. Freda accomplishes all this while holding important roles in the medical community which makes her athletic success all the more admirable!

Listen here.

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