2019 Masters gymnastics competition and celebration

Some info about the event:

Who: Adult gymnasts and coaches

What: Masters competition for men and demonstration for women 18+

Where: Oakville Gymnastics Club

When: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why: Because you can

The call-to-meet can be accessed by following this link: Call to Meet


Masters is about proving that you’ve still got it.

This year will feature a competition on the men’s events and demonstration on the women’s events (non-judged).  This is due to a lack of judges available in Ontario for that weekend.  Ever thought of becoming a judge?  It can make a difference to events like this. Give it a shot if you’re interested!

It is a low-stress, fun meet with ages ranging from 18 to over 74+

“Adult” awards are given out, rather than medals and ribbons.


Eric Laurin

Masters Event Director

“Why quit when there’s masters?”


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