High On Gymnastics: Adult Meet in Whistler

WHISTLER GYMNASTICS PRESENTS HIGH ON GYMNASTICS Adult Meet Saturday June 11th 2011, 4:00 – 8:00 Whistler Gymnastics would like to invite your club to participate in our first “High on Gymnastics” Adult competition. All Trampoline and Artistic athletes, beginners to advanced welcome. Location: Oros Whistler Gymnastics Centre, 1090 Legacy Way, Whistler BC Accommodation: Athletes High PerformanceContinue reading “High On Gymnastics: Adult Meet in Whistler”

Psychologist Identifies Mental Toughness Through Gymnastics

“In sports we celebrate people who hang in there and come back, but we don’t always think the same way about other achievements. The shame is not in not making your goals on the first try, it is in giving up too soon, although this is always easy to do. Believe me, climbing back ontoContinue reading “Psychologist Identifies Mental Toughness Through Gymnastics”