How to Run a Successful Adult Gymnastics Program for Over 30 Years

Rick McCharles from Altadore Gymnastics (home of FX Olympic Champion Kyle Shewfelt) gave a presentation called Building and Maximizing an Adult Rec Gymnastics Program last weekend at the B.C. Gymnastics Congress. If you are a coach, gymnast, owner or manager this is a must read/watch.  If you are a gymnast who wants to keep your adult program for a long time, consider passing this on to your gym’s manager. Your vigilance matters. Show that you care and will help keep your class safe and will help build the program.

 Here are some of the points from his presentation that I strongly agree with:

  • keep former gymnasts, coaches involved / “detraining” phase for retiring competitors – I agree! Don’t lose your gymnasts. Keep them involved for life.
  • overconfident young men are the main risk in offering drop-in [open gym]  – I’d add former high level competitors with some ego, long retired who feel they can still “throw” a trick
  • great way to recruit potential coaches
  • offer speciality training for Parkour / Free Running, Capoeira and CrossFit athletes
  • all adults should be required to attend a group warm-up (15min)
  • Offer the class as late in the evening as possible – amen

LA’s Senior Olympics Masters Gymnastics Meet Date is Set for September 25th

This is a great masters meet that has been going on for yeeeeaaaaars. It’s a great supportive atmosphere. They have several adult class options. Check them out on their site: 

If you compete, you might even see the legendary 80 year old Ebba, winner of the 2008 Senior Olympics for her age division.



If you plan to complete in the meet, bring lots of water, it’s HOT there.

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