34 Year-Old Tsukahara Competes at Australian National Championships

International Gymnast reported that Tsukahara competed at the Australian National Championships last weekend. Apparently, he won.  That makes three years in a row that he has “unofficially” won while he awaits his Australian citizenship. Great to see a man in his thirties competing at the elite level. Here is a video of his vault from the 2010 championships.

I’d love to know his training secrets…and if he is bottling his Super-Olympian family genes for distribution to the rest of us gym-mortals.

Seattle’s Metropolitan Gymnastics hosts “Mat Masher Meet” on September 17th

The Mat Masher Meet will be held in Kent, Washington at Metropolitan Gymnastics. Full details here.  This gym seriously understands how to keep a masters meet memorable. Special awards for: 

  • Anyone competing in both mens and women’s gymnastics events (Love this!)
  • Most Entertaining Routine
  • Best Crash (We’d like to request video of the winner so that we can post it here. Pretty please.)
And in addition to the regular events, there will be: 
  • Keg Stand Contest 
  • Beam Joust (Yes!)
Registration deadline is August 17th. $45 entrance fee includes the post-meet beer and BBQ. What more could you ask for? Let us know if you go to the meet. We would love to post videos and photos!
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