Drill and Conditioning Book Would Be Useful for Adult Gymnasts

My name is Karen Goeller and I’ve been coaching since 1978 and have produced Stae, Regional, and National Champions. Theis past season I produced another 4 state and 3 regional champions on beam. I’m also a CSCS.  Here is the link to my most popular drills and conditioning book, www.gymnasticsdrills.com. Most of my books are availableContinue reading “Drill and Conditioning Book Would Be Useful for Adult Gymnasts”

Fun Drills on Air Floor

I love to see drills that save our bones from the pounding of tumbling on floor. TumbleTrak always does a nice job of finding out how gyms are really using their equipment. Aside from the tumbling, I like the drop in drills for free hips and drop kips (of course you don’t need an airContinue reading “Fun Drills on Air Floor”