Fun Drills on Air Floor

I love to see drills that save our bones from the pounding of tumbling on floor. TumbleTrak always does a nice job of finding out how gyms are really using their equipment. Aside from the tumbling, I like the drop in drills for free hips and drop kips (of course you don’t need an airContinue reading “Fun Drills on Air Floor”

Easy-on-the-Bones and Fun Drill for Back Tucks

I don’t know about you but, the older I get the more my fear of back tumbling grows and with that, my technique falters. As long as you don’t get in a bad habit of undercutting, this looks like a fun, easy on the  joints, drill for setting and opening the hips. And even ifContinue reading “Easy-on-the-Bones and Fun Drill for Back Tucks”