New! Handstands at Home Program: Get Your Free Sample

HANDSTANDS AT HOME – 6 WEEK PROGRAM BY PENNY SMITH A 6 week PDF full body program designed to help you rapidly improve your handstands. This information-packed program. Check it out! This program is $25, and there is also a free sample available. More About Penny: “I live in Sydney, Australia and have been involved inContinue reading “New! Handstands at Home Program: Get Your Free Sample”

Strengthen Your Handstand Shape

It’s not enough to just have flexible shoulders to have a great handstand line. You also have to have the strength to hold it there especially during your skills. Learn the conditioning that will help you achieve a stronger handstand shape (the exercises are accessible for most beginners and can be made more challenging ifContinue reading “Strengthen Your Handstand Shape”